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Antonis Pratsinakis is a cellist based in Amsterdam. In the past years he has focused on creating performances, including dance, video, acting, and culinary disciplines.

– Antonis Pratsinakis cellist


”Cellist Pratsinakis brings a highlight to Nasopoulou’s ‘fantastic city’ ★★★★…
…Cellist Antonis Pratsinakis makes it a musical highlight. With magical whistling tones he tells of ‘alabaster gates’. Scraped dissonances bring the rust heap into view.”
Guido van Oorschot , de Volksrant , 
‘’The cello music of the modern dance group adds a new dimension to the peony pavilion’’
‘’This is the first cross-border cooperation between Kunqu and Modern Dance. The two art forms are different and complement each other allowing the audience to appreciate the classical subtle beauty of Kunqu opera and the tension and personality of modern dance.’’
reporter Yan Yuejia (The Peony Pavillion)
‘… But gradually, and that is done very nicely, that past merges with the present, Schubert is mixed with a new composition, the acoustic cello is exchanged for an electric one and all those words seem to go just as well about an artist’s existence and love today.’ (de Volkskrant★★★★)

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